wooden fenceWe have had a long, cold winter in Asheville, NC. However, if you have lived here for some time, you know that spring is coming. While snow can pile up during the cold season, warmer temperatures are on the way. Soon, you will be able to sit outside again and enjoy your property. You might even be planning a spring cleaning checklist. Residents across the area are going to be cleaning their homes and businesses, performing several tasks, including: 

  • Decluttering items that they do not need any longer. 
  • Deep cleaning behind appliances and other hard-to-reach places.
  • Repainting walls and re-staining wood surfaces. 
  • Cleaning gutters, cleaning out sheds, reorganizing outdoor closets, and other outside tasks. 

Once the spring cleaning moves outdoors, it may involve clearing fallen landscaping, lawn care, and a number of other activities. It may be a lot of work, but by the time you are finished, your family will be able to enjoy their outdoor spaces again. However, in the process of spring cleaning, it can be easy to forget your fencing. It is disappointing when you feel like you’re ready to sit and enjoy your yard, only to find that your fence needs attention. 

When you begin your spring cleaning projects, do not forget to clean your fences. Pressure washing and soft washing solutions are perfect for your spring fence cleaning. 

Cleaning Fences in Asheville, NC | HydroClean Pressure Washing Services 

There are several types of fencing homeowners use in our area. Before you start pressure washing your fence, there are some things for which you must be mindful, including:

  • For some fence surfaces, if the water is too pressurized, it can damage the fence.
  • For wooden fences, you should most likely use cold water.
  • If the pressure washing damages the paint or stain, you will need to re-stain and repaint your fence.
  • Remember to lay down plastic around plants and landscaping before you begin pressure washing. 
  • Make sure you do it right the first time, so you do not have to break out the pressure washer again when you realize you missed a spot. 

Our specialized soft washing technique is perfect for protecting your fence during pressure washing. Using an environmentally friendly, biodegradable solution, soft washers use less pressure per square inch (PSI) than traditional pressure washing methods. Machines have a wide-angle nozzle that further decreases the impact of the water on your fence. To ensure your fence is as clean and protected as possible, the team at HydroClean is here to help. Professional pressure washing takes off of your spring-cleaning checklist, so you can focus on other tasks. Contact HydroClean today for help pressure washing your fences in and around Asheville.