how to pressure wash deckRoutine deck cleaning in Asheville, NC, is a crucial part of the long-term and the well-being of your wooden deck. 

Asheville is known for its change in weather each season, featuring rain, snow, sunshine, and thunderstorms throughout the year. Over time, these weather conditions affect the health of your deck with mold growth, mildew, debris, and dirt accumulation as the sealant deteriorates. 

For these reasons, many Asheville residents reach out to HydroClean to help restore their deck. 

Why Wood Decks Need Pressure Washing

The finish of the wooden deck breaks down due to weather over the years. Sun and weather naturally age the boards, and water penetrates the wood where mold and mildew can build up and lead to rot. Thorough annual cleaning and application of fresh sealer will preserve the beauty of your deck and make it last longer. 

However, cleaning wooden decks can be more time-consuming, and extra care is required. HydroClean can help you save time by providing high-quality results and a brand-new looking deck without sacrificing your time and energy. 

Pressure Washing in Asheville, NC

Pressure washing has been proven most effective when working with any home exterior. However, it requires special equipment, knowledge, and care to avoid permanently damaging the surface. Asheville customers want their deck professionally clean and maintain the deck’s painted or stained finish, while others want the finish to be removed to prepare the wood for new paint or staining. 

HydroClean can help with both. We offer low-pressure deck cleaning or soft washing using a biodegradable solution. This solution and method will kill the mold, mildew, lichen, moss, and algae from the surfaces, actually cleaning it and caring for it. 

Deck Mold Removal

Mold is one of the biggest enemies of your deck. Unsealed or uncapped wood easily absorbs water, making it an ideal environment for fungus to grow. Mold can trigger health issues and allergies, as well as slips and falls on your deck. 

It’s important to act quickly if you see signs of mold and prevent it from infiltrating your deck’s surfaces and causing premature weakening. Pressure washing is a highly effective method to restore and eliminate all of the mold spores along with debris and dirt buildup on your wooden deck. 

HydroClean Deck Cleaning Service

Our professional deck cleaning service in Asheville eliminates grit, debris, and the toughest stains to highlight new-looking wood underneath. Removing layers of mold, mildew, and dirt and then re-sealing your deck will protect it from the element and add years to your wooden deck’s life. For many years, it has been our top priority to bring the best quality results and service to every customer. 

We are the #1 most trusted pressure washing and deck cleaning company throughout Asheville. Our professionals are here to help you and make your home’s deck look great again. Contact us for more information regarding information or to schedule an appointment