Why You Should Pressure Wash Concrete Surfaces

Why You Should Pressure Wash Concrete Surfaces

Tuesday, 28 July 2020 09:44

The days immediately following concrete being poured are magical, once you have ensured no one tried to leave hand, foot, or face-prints in it. You would not expect it to be beautiful, but concrete shimmers in the sun when it's new. It can add to the overall aesthetic of your home, restaurant, shopping center, or auto body shop. Some property owners in western North Carolina opt to allow their concrete pourers to make art with it and add stunning designs to it.


Over time, however, outdoor concrete takes a beating here in western North Carolina. We get plenty of gorgeous weather and sunny day, but we also encounter over 40 inches of rain most years. Our concrete surfaces catch wet leaves and storm debris, grease, and oil from vehicles, and are susceptible to mold, mildew, and bacterial growth. 

You can clean and clean your outdoor surfaces, but if your concrete sidewalks and driveways are dirty, it can make the entire property feel dirty. Whether its guests at your home or customers at your business, your concrete is likely their first impression, but you can wash it with your hose all day long and barely make a dent. One of the challenges is that concrete is porous, making it the perfect surface for mold and mildew to develop while it traps grease and oil. 

So, what can you do about your dirty concrete? Develop a routine of frequent pressure washing. 

Why You Should Pressure Wash Concrete

Why should you have your concrete pressure washed? There is no way to avoid it – your concrete will get dirty. It will develop an unsightly buildup of stains: oil, grease, mold and mildew, and other disgusting things. 

1) Have your concrete pressure washed to prolong its life: Because the inevitable build-up can reduce the life of your concrete. Whether it’s your driveway, parking area, sidewalk, or porch, the dirt, mildew, and bacteria that develop in the pores of your concrete will cause cracks eventually. 

2) Some organic growth can be harmful: Many people are allergic to mold and mildew, and while your concrete surfaces may not be the primary trigger, it can still lead to problems for allergy sufferers.  

3) Dirty concrete hurts your brand: Whether it’s your restaurant, body shop, or your home, you have a brand or at least an aesthetic for which you are trying to achieve. It is unlikely that dingy dirty concrete is part of the look you want your guests or customers to see. 

4) Grease and oil are slippery: When grease and oil on your concrete get wet, it can be slippery on foot or for a vehicle. For the safety of your guests and customers, pressure washing the concrete can get rid of the dirt and debris that makes it slick.

For the life, look, and safety of your concrete have it pressure washed regularly. 

How to Clean Concrete

Before you get started pressure washing your concrete, make sure you prepare it.


  1. Move cars, toys, furniture, and if possible, sensitive plants.
  2. Sweep, brush, and blow loose debris off of the concrete.
  3. Cover nearby doors and windows to protect them.
  4. Cover any sensitive plants with tarps.

When your concrete is ready to be pressure washed, contact the professionals. While you may think of this as a DIY project, consider whether you really want to incur the potential costs of mistakes. Concrete is tough but sensitive and expensive to repair. A professional pressure washing company will know the signs of potential damage, when and where to employ soft washing techniques, and accomplish the mission more efficiently than someone with less experience would otherwise. That combined with the fact that you will not be taking time away from your customers or family to wash your concrete makes hiring a professional seem like a no-brainer. 

If your driveway, sidewalk, and other concrete surfaces are showing their age or stained with oil, grease, bacteria, and organic growth, it is unsightly for your neighbors, coworkers, or customers. If you are responsible for commercial property, you could be hurting your brand. If your home has disgusting concrete, your neighbors may call the HOA, or at the very least, your home's curb appeal will suffer. If you have tenants, pressure washing their concrete can make them feel like they are coming back to a new home. 

Wherever you have dirty concrete in the Asheville area, HydroClean is here to help. From commercial to residential property, if there is concrete or surfaces that need pressure washing or soft washing, our professional team has you covered. Contact HydroClean Asheville for more information