cared for front porchCold weather is officially here, and you’ll likely want to ensure your Hendersonville, NC home is ready to deal with ice, snow, and cold temperatures this season. Many homeowners may think their home is in good shape for the winter, but that doesn’t ensure you won’t experience any problems over the course of the season. 

What Damage Can Winter Weather Cause to a Home?

Some of the different ways that winter can damage a home include:

  • Frozen pipes can burst and cause major water damage.
  • Ice and snow can build up in the trees, causing limbs to break and potentially damaging the home.
  • When snow is left to sit on a roof with debris, the roof is more susceptible to rot or mold. 
  • As the snow and ice melt, the basement can flood, leading to serious damage. 

How to Prep Your Hendersonville Home for Winter

Plumbing: Dripping faucets or clogged drains will likely cause water buildup or mold growth. These problems can be easily ignored; however, you may risk having to do costly repairs down the road. 

If it’s been a while since your plumbing was checked, contact your local Hendersonville plumber for an evaluation of your water lines and pipes. Also, make sure your plumbing is insulated properly so your pipes won’t freeze and burst in freezing temperatures. 

Foundation: Walk around the external foundation of your home and look for cracking, crumbling, or other signs of decay. Any loose, weak, or broken foundation can easily let moisture in and cause serious damage in the months ahead. 

Inspect the inside foundation for similar problems and contact a specialist to repair any damage before cold weather arrives. 

Roofing: High winds or heavy rain can severely damage a roof over the summer without you even noticing. Have a professional roof inspection done to check for missing or broken shingles, deteriorating gutters, and downspouts. 

Plan the inspections and repairs before there are several inches of icy snow piled on your roof. Piles of snow can cause a leak in your home. 

Fall Pressure Washing to Help Winterize Your Home

When you are preparing your home for winter, pressure washing might not be something that immediately comes to mind. Getting your home ready for the winter months is extremely important. The winter months can be tough on the exterior of your home, and if you don’t take the time to ensure your home is properly prepared, you could find yourself with serious damage when spring comes around. 

To make sure that your home is fully prepared for the coming winter, our team at HydroClean offers professional house cleaning using biodegradable solutions. This solution and method will kill the mold, mildew, moss, and algae from the surfaces of your home. 

We have over 21 years of experience in the pressure washing industry and are fully insured. 

Contact up today to learn more information about residential pressure washing, lawn maintenance, and snow removal services.