concrete pressure washingAsheville is a great place in which to live and own property. Whether you have a beautiful home or a thriving business, or both, you know the importance of property maintenance. Our area is full of natural wonder and our weather is second-to-none in the South. However, it does rain a healthy 40+ inches every year. We have frequent thunderstorms in the spring and summer that knock down tree limbs. During autumn we get a brilliant display of color in the changing leaves, but of course, by winter those leaves have fallen and covered your driveway and sidewalks. Being a porous surface, concrete absorbs everything you throw at it, whether it’s oil and grease or mold and mildew. Your beautiful concrete can quickly show signs of age beyond its years, but what can you do?

The best practice is to have your concrete regularly pressure washed. Here are a few reasons to have your concrete cleaned and why you should choose a professional. 

Why You Should Utilize Professional Concrete Driveway Cleaning and Pressure Washing

Your concrete surfaces are often your guests’ or customers’ first impression of your home or business. It started beautifully, but it does not take long before these surfaces become stained with oil, grease, and dirt, or begin to develop mold and mildew. 

1) Have your concrete pressure washed to prolong its life: Because the inevitable build-up can reduce the life of your concrete. Whether it’s your driveway, parking area, sidewalk, or porch, the dirt, mildew, and bacteria that develop in the pores of your concrete will cause cracks eventually. 

2) Some organic growth can be harmful: Many people are allergic to mold and mildew, and while your concrete surfaces may not be the primary trigger, it can still lead to problems for allergy sufferers.  

3) Dirty concrete hurts your brand: Whether it’s your restaurant, body shop, or your home, you have a brand or at least an aesthetic for which you are trying to achieve. It is unlikely that dingy dirty concrete is part of the look you want your guests or customers to see. 

4) Grease and oil are slippery: When grease and oil on your concrete get wet, it can be slippery on foot or for a vehicle. For the safety of your guests and customers, pressure washing concrete surfaces can get rid of the dirt and debris that makes it slick.

If you are ready to improve the appearance and prolong the life of your concrete surfaces and driveways in Asheville, NC, give the professional team at HydroClean a call. We will help you put the shine back in your concrete and you can get back to enjoying your commercial or residential property.