Checklist for Winterizing Your Home

Tuesday, 02 November 2021 16:19

With the holiday season in full swing, you know winter is coming. Here in western North Carolina, we brace ourselves for bad weather. The six-inch snowfalls, icy driveways and sidewalks, and the potential for damage to our homes, decks, and landscaping. All in nearly unbearable below-freezing temperatures.

In reality, for a mountainous area like ours, winters are relatively mild. The higher elevations of northern and eastern Buncombe County, Madison County, and Haywood County do see substantial snowfall each year. However, in the French Broad River Valley, winter storms are sporadic, and temperatures can be pleasant for weeks in a row. 

However, when the cold and precipitation strikes, it can make being outside miserable. Your home is the refuge that can protect you from the elements. It is a much-needed retreat from the outdoors in which you can stay warm and cozy while sipping on hot chocolate while you binge your favorite television series.

How to Pressure Wash Your Deck

Monday, 11 October 2021 14:18

Inviting friends and family to your home is a luxury, but the preparation for hosting guests can be time-consuming. You have to clean up your home inside and out. You will have to organize your porch, store your hose, and tidy up your landscaping. Inside, you have to clean the kitchen, scrub the toilets, and put all the kids’ toys away. 

Your deck is likely to be one of the primary places in which people will gather at your get-together. That is why you built it in the first place. However,  it is easy for it to collect leaves and other debris. A layer of debris can form in a relatively short time, and just like the rest of your home, it needs to be cleaned regularly. 

To make sure your deck is presentable and help preserve its life, you can pressure wash it and often make it look as good as new!

The first hints of Autumn have arrived in western North Carolina. A powerful cold front brought the first snowflakes of the season to Mount Mitchell, ushering in the coldest air we have felt in Asheville since spring. 

There are the slightest splashes of color on the ridges and even down in the valleys. We can expect the leaves to only become more vibrant as September fades into October. 

As summer gives up its last grabs, the weather becomes perfect for people to enjoy the great outdoors. The nights are cool enough for bonfires and smores, while the days are warm enough for hiking, kayaking, and fly fishing. It is the driest season of the year, so your outdoor plans are less likely to be spoiled by rain. 

Fall is the season for spending as much time on your back deck as possible. Here in the Asheville area, you can use your deck almost all year round. 

Outdoor spaces are important here in western North Carolina. We are not people who like to be stuck inside. If you have a deck, you want to make sure it is around for the long haul. 

Soft Washing vs. Power Washing

Monday, 09 August 2021 12:22

Buncombe, Henderson, and Haywood counties are renowned for being among the most beautiful places to live east of the Mississippi River. Asheville is the highest city of its size on the East Coast, while Hendersonville and Waynesville are two of the largest high-elevation towns in North Carolina. 

Surrounded on every side by mile-high mountains, these places have become some of the most desirable for people whose careers now provide the flexibility to relocate. Although, you do not have to find remote work to be able to live in the area. The economies of each county are supported by strong businesses in every industry. 

If you have relocated your family or business to western North Carolina, you want to make sure your property reflects the beauty of the surrounding nature. That means keeping up with your home or commercial property’s exterior cleaning. 

The job of homeownership never stops. 

Even though your house is a place to rest, recuperate, and spend time with the people who matter most in your life, owning a home is a never-ending supply of to-do list items. 

Among the many tasks you have to perform to keep up your property, exterior cleaning is vital to preserving its appearance and ensuring the longest possible lifespan for your surfaces.

You can rent a pressure washing system and do your own exterior cleaning; however, there are countless potential problems with trying to perform these tasks on your own. 

Professional pressure washing can save you a lot of time and energy, but you only want to trust it to experts. Here are 8 questions to ask a potential professional pressure washing company. 

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