The environment and weather put a lot of wear on our home and business exteriors. Whether it is dust from nearby farms, grime and exhaust from roadways, leaves falling from trees, or mildew forming in heavily shaded areas, our properties' siding, driveways, and roofs get exposed to a lot. And all that debris and dust quickly builds up into an unsightly mess. 

Unsightly stains, dirt, mildew, and grease all build up over time on our sidewalks and driveways. Not only do they detract from the exterior look of our house, but they can also, over time, weaken driveway surfaces. Pressure washing can remove unsightly and damaging build-up from use and weather.

How Much Does it Cost to Clean a Roof?

Thursday, 06 January 2022 19:44

Over time dirt, debris, moss, and mold can build up on the roof of our house. It is the most continuously exposed surface to the weather and the sun. Not only does this accumulation of matter make the exterior of the home look bad, but it can also, if left long enough, cause severe damage.

Winter can be treacherous for your lawn and landscaping. Plants you’ve nourished and cared for all year struggle to stay alive during this difficult time. After maintaining your yard the entire spring and summer, it could all be for naught come winter.

It’s vital to take care of your landscaping now to protect it from winter and make it easier for you when spring rolls around. It could be the difference between building on the foundation you’ve laid or starting back at square one. 

Checklist for Winterizing Your Home

Tuesday, 02 November 2021 16:19

With the holiday season in full swing, you know winter is coming. Here in western North Carolina, we brace ourselves for bad weather. The six-inch snowfalls, icy driveways and sidewalks, and the potential for damage to our homes, decks, and landscaping. All in nearly unbearable below-freezing temperatures.

In reality, for a mountainous area like ours, winters are relatively mild. The higher elevations of northern and eastern Buncombe County, Madison County, and Haywood County do see substantial snowfall each year. However, in the French Broad River Valley, winter storms are sporadic, and temperatures can be pleasant for weeks in a row. 

However, when the cold and precipitation strikes, it can make being outside miserable. Your home is the refuge that can protect you from the elements. It is a much-needed retreat from the outdoors in which you can stay warm and cozy while sipping on hot chocolate while you binge your favorite television series.

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