Winter Pressure Washing in Western North Carolina

Winter Pressure Washing in Western North Carolina

Friday, 09 December 2022 22:13

Everyone dreads home and vehicle upkeep, especially in the cold winter months. But maintaining your home and car is even more important this time of year. 

Tough molds like mildew thrive in wet weather and cold conditions similar to those found in the mountains of western North Carolina. During the winter months, molds can spread quickly, so you can not let your guard down. 


Pressure washing is a great way to keep your home and car looking fresh all winter long. But we do not recommend going in blind; before you start, you want to make sure you know the ins and outs of winter pressure washing.

The dos and don’ts of pressure washing during the winter months take center stage in this article, where we will discuss exactly what you need to keep in mind before you start washing. Whether this is your first time or you are a veteran, it is always good to get some refreshers!

Winter Pressure Washing in Western North Carolina Tips and Tricks

1) Don’t Neglect Any of Your Home

The most important thing you can do to protect your home this winter is to be vigilant of changes that may indicate the emergence of molds. When most people think of mold and mosses, they think of siding, but we would encourage you to also pay close attention to your roof, deck, and any outdoor furniture which could accumulate mildew. 

By getting ahead of the problem, and washing your home at the first sight of build-up could end up saving you lots of time in the long run. To clean delicate things like outdoor furniture, we recommend a soft wash process. This process is safe for plants and animals, gentle on surfaces, but still able to get the job done. 

2) Your Car Should Not Be an Afterthought

Just like your home, your car accumulates debris as time passes, and the winter months are the perfect time for this type of buildup. Road salts used to increase the traction of wet and icy roads can get lodged inside wheels, so it is important to pay special attention to areas like the undercarriage of your car during the winter months. 

When attacking these types of buildups, we recommend regularly practicing lower-pressure cleaning techniques to keep your car in top operating conditions. This more gentle process will clean your car without causing damage or stripping paint or detailing from your vehicle. 

3) Get Waxy

In the winter months, one of the best ways to protect your car is with liquid insulator wax. This will help protect painted surfaces and will ensure water and other liquids slide easily off your car during the washing process. The faster the water is able to leave the surfaces, the faster the drying process will be overall, making this a great way to save time while pressure washing.

4) Choose the Right Time 

If you are an early riser, it may be hard to resist waking right up and getting to work in your home or car, but this may not be the best strategy. Waiting till the afternoon when it is a bit warmer can help to speed up the cleaning process. 

The sun’s heat warms up the machinery on your vehicle, making it easier to clean, and the warmer temperatures also help to speed up the drying process. These factors are key to the health of your vehicle. Also, who wants to be out in the freezing cold pressure washing at six in the morning? Do the smarter and safer thing and wait till the afternoon.

5) Your Driveway May Need Some Love

Remember that pesky salt we talked about earlier? Well, it is not just a problem for the undercarriage of your car; it can also cause issues with driveways and sidewalks. Road salts cause discoloration and cracking, and if it is not properly addressed could lead to the crumbling of your concrete. 

Newer concrete, laid in the last year, is especially vulnerable to this type of corrosion. So make sure that if you have had concrete poured recently that you pay extra attention to the chemicals and salts used on them and be ready to clean them regularly. This will help ensure your concrete lasts years. 

Let’s Get Washing!

Now that you know some of the best tips and tricks for pressure washing this winter, you are ready to make your home and car look good as new. Remember to pay close attention to your home this winter and always be monitoring your car for debris and other buildups. 

If things do get out of hand, do not be afraid to reach out to your friends at Hydro Clean. Visit our site to learn more about our services and how we can help your home go from drab to fab this winter. Contact us for more information about winter pressure washing in western North Carolina.