What to Ask Your Professional Exterior Cleaner

What to Ask Your Professional Exterior Cleaner

Tuesday, 06 July 2021 23:52

The job of homeownership never stops. 

Even though your house is a place to rest, recuperate, and spend time with the people who matter most in your life, owning a home is a never-ending supply of to-do list items. 

Among the many tasks you have to perform to keep up your property, exterior cleaning is vital to preserving its appearance and ensuring the longest possible lifespan for your surfaces.

You can rent a pressure washing system and do your own exterior cleaning; however, there are countless potential problems with trying to perform these tasks on your own. 

Professional pressure washing can save you a lot of time and energy, but you only want to trust it to experts. Here are 8 questions to ask a potential professional pressure washing company. 


8 Questions to Ask Your Professional Exterior Cleaner in Asheville

1) Is Pressure Washing Safe for My Surfaces?

Pressure washing can be dangerous and damage your surfaces when you try to do the project yourself. 

However, with the help of professionals, it can be done safely. You might want to ask your professional exterior cleaner exactly what practices they will use to ensure safety. 

2) What Are Your Qualifications?

How do you know a company is qualified to clean your home's exterior? 

Ask a potential pressure washing company about their expertise, equipment, and other qualifications.

3) How Much Pressure Washing Experience Do You Have?

You don't want to trust your home and property to a novice exterior cleaner. Find out how many years of experience a pressure washing company has before you hire them. 

4) Is Pressure Washing Safe for My Plants?

Generally speaking, pressure washing is safe for surfaces but can be risky for some plants. However, highly pressurized water can damage some sensitive plants, and while most solutions are biodegradable, some detergents may not be ideal for your landscaping. 

However, a good professional exterior cleaner will take steps to help protect your plants. Make sure they know what plants might need special care while they are on your property. 

5) Do You Use Soft Washing Techniques?

We provide low-pressure house cleaning (sometimes known as "soft washing"), which is done using a biodegradable solution. This utilizes a 40-degree wide-angle nozzle and lower pressure per square inch (PSI). 

This procedure and solution will remove mold, mildew, lichen, moss, and algae from your home's surfaces, effectively cleaning and caring for it, while also not blowing away siding or pushing water underneath your siding. It is a gentler method.

Do not use high-powered pressure washing to clean your siding. While it’s possible, you can force water up and under the exterior surface which can damage insulation, electrical wiring, and even encourage mold growth. 

Customers are frequently astonished to see that the color of their house appears to be brighter. If necessary, we can provide our own water. Because we'll be eliminating the bacteria with this approach, you'll be able to go longer between cleanings.

6) How Much Does Exterior Cleaning Cost?

Typically, a professional pressure washing company will charge by the square footage of what is being cleaned. If you rent your own equipment, you will be charged by the day, so be sure you have a lot of pressure to finish everything immediately. The job will necessitate the use of numerous pieces of equipment. 

If you haven't done any power washing in a while, the job may be more challenging than you think.

7) What Are the Benefits of Professional Exterior Cleaning?

There are many benefits of professional exterior cleaning:

  • You keep your home's surfaces looking great. 
  • You help preserve your home's surfaces.
  • You do not have to rent or buy your own equipment. 
  • You will not be handling cleaning solutions. 
  • You know you have the best in the business on your team. 

8) What Kinds of Solutions Do You Use?

 We use biodegradable chemicals that will clear the soil as we rinse. These are commercial-level detergents, however, that must be mixed properly. Handled correctly, you will not experience any plants or grass dying off around your home or business after cleaning.

A typical mistake made by homeowners is to purchase a pressure washer and use it to clean their homes. Even while it cleans your surfaces, it has the potential to cause problems and damage. Pressure washing can harm vinyl, siding, and paint due to the power of the water.

Contact HydroClean to handle your exterior cleaning needs and save time. Our experienced specialists with over 21 years of expertise in the pressure washing business offer low-pressure house cleaning, and we guarantee clean results. Make an appointment today.