Six Dangers of Do It Yourself Pressure Washing

Six Dangers of Do It Yourself Pressure Washing

Monday, 06 February 2023 14:16

The idea of purchasing your own pressure washer, suiting it up, heading outside, and spraying down your home with a high-powered jet of water may seem fun, but this practice is actually much more dangerous than many homeowners may be led to believe. 

Pressure washing your home comes along with many risks to not only your house but you as well. Every year thousands of homeowners are injured by pressure washers, and countless more cause extensive damage to their own property through user error. 

This article will explore six of the most critical dangers associated with the pressure washing that all homeowners should be aware of. Keeping these things in mind could make the difference between a fresh-looking home and a ruined exterior. 

Anyone who is serious about home improvement should be well versed in all of these threats, and maybe after hearing these, you will be looking to call in the professionals.

Six Dangers of Do It Yourself Pressure Washing

1) Physical Bruising

The first and biggest risk associated with pressure washing is physical bruising. By pressure washing your home, you put yourself and others at risk of various physical injuries. The jet of water produced by a pressure washer may not seem very aggressive, but it can actually cause severe bruising and can even cause open wounds. 

2) Eye and Skin Irritation

Pressure washing your own home can also put your eyes and sensitive skin areas at risk. Reflected water and chemicals can be aggressive, especially if you are working without proper eye protection and clothing.

If you are not wearing layers and goggles, you risk water and other chemicals irritating your skin or eyes and causing serious damage. These dangers can make DIY pressure washing more of a risk than a helpful time saver in the long run. 

3) Flying Debris

Pressure washers are meant to help brighten homes by dislodging hard-to-move debris, but this can also lead to dangers. The debris kicked up by your pressure washer will have to come back down, and some of this debris can be hard and dangerous such as small rocks. 

Every year people are blinded while pressure washing due to the presence of flying debris. To help protect yourself, always ensure you are dressed properly before starting your next home improvement project.

4) Electric Shock

Whenever water and electricity are paired, you must consider the risk of electrical shock, and these fears are founded when it comes to pressure washing. Some of the dangers people overlook when it comes to electrical shock and pressure washers include using non-wet-conditioned extension cords and contact with power outlets. 

These risks are serious, and you should always keep the risks of electrical shock when using water around electronic devices. You may also consider wearing rubber-soled shoes when pressure washing to provide insulation.

5) Damage to Home

In addition to the risks to your physical safety outlined above, at-home pressure washing can also damage your home. This could range from washing too closely to your home, which could cause permanent damage to surfaces like mortar, wood, and paint, or washing at such an angle that water is able to seep underneath siding and damage wiring and insulation.

This all means that in an attempt to give your house a new look, you may end up actually doing more damage. So do not be afraid to dial up some professional pressure washers who will know how to keep your space safe.

6) Damage to Other Property

Your other belongings may also be at risk if you take on DIY pressure washing. The jet released by a pressure washer can strip paint from cars. Many people may feel tempted to pressure wash their car, and while this is generally safe, it may not be, so you may want to reconsider before DIY pressure washing belongings around your home. 

The damages caused by trying to pressure wash your house yourself could end up costing more to repair than calling up a professional pressure washing service. 

Don’t Fear Calling in the Pros

All of these points showcase the risks associated with trying to do pressure washing. While at first, it may seem cheaper and easier to DIY your home’s facelift, you will soon be wishing you called in the big guns for support. 

Lucky for you, the top-of-the-line team at Hydro Clean is here for you. Our team has a unique understanding of the challenges and dangers that come along with pressure washing. For years, homeowners have trusted Hydro Clean’s trained service professionals to give their homes a makeover the safe way. 

If you still are not convinced to hire professionals, you can learn more in this informative article about hiring a team to pressure wash your home. The team at Hydro Clean is only a phone call or web search away