How To Pressure Wash Your Wooden Fence

How To Pressure Wash Your Wooden Fence

Tuesday, 05 January 2021 16:39

This winter started with a treat in western North Carolina. On Christmas Eve, residents watched rain turn to snow in the evening, continuing to fall through the next evening, becoming only the eighth "White Christmas" in Asheville history. That event set a precedent for the remainder of winter, and by now, western North Carolinians are more than ready for a pleasant, warm spring. We are ready to see the trees and flowers bloom and the mountains spring to life. 

We have good news: we have passed the halfway point of winter. Spring is on its way. After months of being stuck indoors due to the cold, during a year in which we have spent far more time inside our homes than usual, you are probably ready to do some spring cleaning. Once you get your house and property spruced up, you do not want to regret that you did not tend to your wood fencing. Here is what you need to know about how to clean a wood fence. 


How Can I Clean My Wood Fence?

There are basically two methods for cleaning your wooden fence. You can clean it like Tom Sawyer with a bucket of soapy water and a sponge. Depending on how large your fence is, it might take you several days – that is, if you cannot find someone to do it for you. Otherwise, pressure washing your fence is going to save you a lot of time and effort. 

Why Should I Pressure Wash My Wood Fence?

Pressure washing is going to be the far less labor-intensive cleaning method for your wood fence. However, it is important to remember a few tips before you borrow or rent a pressure wash it to clean it yourself:

  • You must remember to be careful of the pressure. If the water is too pressurized, it could damage your fence.
  • You must remember to clean it thoroughly; otherwise, you may have to clean it again by the end of summer. 
  • You must remember to use cold water when you are pressure washing your wooden fence.
  • You must remember to restain or repaint your fence afterward if the act of pressure washing stripped the paint or stain.
  • You must remember to ensure proper drainage. You do not want the water to collect and pond at the base of your fence. 
  • You must remember to lay down plastic to protect the grass and plants around the base of your fence. 
  • You must remember to consider a professional pressure washer to wash your fence.

Your fencing is an important and expensive investment. Before you take on pressure washing your wooden fence, you should consider hiring a professional to help. HydroClean implements a method that will help protect your fencing and prevent damage. Soft washing is a type of pressure washing that is much gentler on surfaces like wood while still being highly effective against dirt and grime. 

Will Soft Washing Strip Paint and Stain?

Our soft washing technique is an excellent solution for washing your fence. Using an environmentally friendly, biodegradable solution, soft washers use less pressure per square inch (PSI) than traditional pressure washing methods. Machines have a wide-angle nozzle that further decreases the impact of the water on your fence. The solution and method will kill the mold, mildew, lichen, moss, and algae from the surfaces of your home, actually cleaning it and caring for it. Soft washing can make your wooden fence look like new. It is perfect for other outdoor spring cleaning tasks as well, including:

  • Outdoor wooden, hard plastic, and metal furniture
  • Patios and decks 
  • Siding, gutters, eaves, and roofing
  • Above-ground and in-ground pool areas 
  • Outdoor living spaces 
  • Porch railings 
  • Concrete sidewalks and driveways
  • Much more

There is plenty of spring cleaning to do around your home. Why should you waste time trying to tackle a wooden fence washing project yourself? By the time you declutter your home, garage, and basement, deep clean your living spaces, and tend to your landscaping, you are going to be ready to get out and enjoy life and western North Carolina. You are not going to want to take on yet another labor-intensive, time-consuming cleaning project. Contact the team at HydroClean Pressure Washing to clean your wooden fence and outdoor surfaces.