How to Prepare Your House for Painting

How to Prepare Your House for Painting

Tuesday, 08 November 2022 15:32

Painting your house is a great way to refresh, improve, and increase the value of your home. But we all know what a difficult and time-consuming task painting is, no matter the size of your home or what you’re painting. You’ll have to plan this out, clean your house, maybe make some repairs, and more before it’s actually time to paint. 


But painting a house is a great way to give your home a makeover or just refresh the color! A task like this is not easy, and that’s why we’re here to help! Here at Hydro Clean, we’ve created this step-by-step list to help you take on this exciting new project, offer some advice, and plan to keep your home in the best condition possible and keep it looking as good as new!


Tips for Preparing Your House to be Painted

1) Plan for Painting

Planning is a crucial step in preparing your house for painting. Planning can include shopping for paint and testing paint swatches to see which colors will look best on your house. Make sure to also plan the cleaning portion of your project to get an estimate of how long this project might take you. It is also important to plan when you want to paint. 

This includes picking a day when you’re not busy and also making sure the weather will be nice. Remember to pick up your paint brushes, paint samples, paint tape, and maybe a ladder and some drop cloths! All of this planning and preparation will get you ready for your exciting new project! 

2) Pressure Wash Your To-Be-Painted Surfaces

Pressure washing is another crucial step when it comes to preparing your house for a new paint job. Pressure washing is not just important to make your house look nice, but it wipes away the grime and dirt and keeps your house safe from damage caused by this. 

Having a healthy and clean house is important if you’re painting! Pressure washing can be intimidating to some people, and the reason for this is that it is very easy to damage your home with too much pressure, but we can assure you that your home will be in good hands and that your house is more than ready for a makeover with Hydro Clean.

3) Make Repairs

After pressure washing your home, it is not uncommon to find damaged spots on your home that you might not have noticed before cleaning and pressure washing. Making sure that any damage is repaired before painting will save you the hassle of not only dealing with a repair but potentially having to repaint some areas. 

Doing repairs will also include removing any peeling paint that is still left or maybe sanding rough areas. But once you’re sure your home is in the best shape, you’ll be ready to go!

4) Prime the To-Be-Painted Surfaces

After making sure your home is clean and in good condition, you’re ready to prime. Priming will be the last step before you’re ready to tackle this project. Priming is the best way to ensure that imperfections are covered and that the surfaces you’ll be painting on are smooth and ready for new paint! Priming doesn't just make your job easier; it also improves the quality of your home because priming will make the paint last longer and keep your paint looking great.

5) Paint!

Once you’ve looked at different paint colors, maybe swatched some different shades on your house, and you’ve decided on the perfect color, you’re ready for painting! When painting, you’ll want to be sure that you paint the siding of your house first. Make sure that you start at the top and paint side to side as you work your way down. 

Next, you’ll need to paint the windows and trim. Then once you’re done with that, the last thing you’ll need to do is to paint the foundation.

6) More Cleaning

Cleaning up after you’re finished painting is just as important as cleaning before painting. You’ll need to make sure that you’re safely storing leftover paint in case of chipping paint or weather damage, or maybe just keep some extra paint for a project in the years to come.

Seal container lids tight by tapping with a hammer and a block of wood, and make sure that they’re stored in a safe place that avoids extreme heat and cold and is also hidden away from children and pets. Once your house has been painted, make sure you plan for biannual pressure washing to keep your paint looking as good and bright as new.

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