How Much Does it Cost to Pressure Wash a Driveway?

How Much Does it Cost to Pressure Wash a Driveway?

Tuesday, 01 February 2022 07:34

Unsightly stains, dirt, mildew, and grease all build up over time on our sidewalks and driveways. Not only do they detract from the exterior look of our house, but they can also, over time, weaken driveway surfaces. Pressure washing can remove unsightly and damaging build-up from use and weather.


How Much Does it Cost to Pressure Wash a Driveway?

The most significant contributor to cost is the driveway size that needs cleaning. Square footage affects the amount of cleaning solutions and sealants required. The one thing you won’t have to worry about is the cost of water for pressure washing. Since the water is pressurized with air, even a moderately large area will only increase your monthly water bill by a couple of dollars.

1. Driveway Size

The most significant impact of size is the time it takes to clean and the labor involved.

A general rule of thumb to go by is that pressure washing will run about $0.20 - $0.30 per square foot for a regular asphalt or concrete surface. The average size of a two-car driveway in the United States is approximately 600 square feet, so a proper cleaning will generally cost around $150.

Differing driveway materials, the severity of surface build-up, and driveway shape can increase the cost of having it cleaned. It is always a good idea to get a professional quote to determine the type of cleaning needed and an accurate price.

2. Surface Material

Pressure washing isn’t only the high-powered stream of water that blasts off dirt and grime. While useful for some surface materials, high-powered pressure washing can often strip away at surfaces, causing damage. Professional services will often use soft washing at a lower pressure with detergent to more safely clean delicate surfaces.

If you have a driveway made of a material other than asphalt or concrete, cleaning costs will be slightly higher. Pavers, including bricks and gravel, require more attention when cleaning to prevent accidental damage to groat or sealants. 

Washing any surface generally follows the same steps.

  • Surface Prep: Cleaning the area of loose debris and applying degreaser for automotive leak stains.
  • Soak and Clean: The entire driveway is soaked in water, and a detergent is sprayed to gently break up dirt and grime from within the pores of the surface.
  • Spray: After the detergent has had time to work, the entire surface is sprayed at an appropriate pressure to finish cleaning.
  • Seal: An optional step, but one that can prolong the time needed between cleanings, you can choose to have a sealer applied to solid-surface or paver driveways. 

3. Sealants

After cleaning, sealing a driveway can run from $0.68 to $2.25 a square foot for materials and labor. The type of driveway surface will determine the type of sealant used. The sealant needed and the time it takes to apply will account for the extensive range here. Any time a sealant is applied, it should be to a freshly cleaned and dry surface and allowed to rest for a day before use.

Sealants are entirely optional but can significantly extend the time between needed cleaning. Having a protective barrier added is recommended if you have a lot of automotive traffic or have a shaded driveway prone to mildew.

4. Professional Service

It can be tempting to forgo hiring a professional pressure washing service to do the job. While you can rent a power washer for $60 - $120 a day, you risk damage to yourself, the driveway surface, or surrounding fixtures if you are inexperienced with using the particular machine. Small cost savings on labor could end up costing you more in the long run.

A professional will know the correct amount of water pressure for your surface and the type of detergent to get the best results. Professional-grade equipment also uses less water when cleaning. If you are unsure of your abilities and the type of cleaning needed, call a professional service.

Be prepared to do a little prep before cleaning day arrives to make your cleaning service go more smoothly.

  • Ensure clear access to the surface undergoing cleaning. Moves vehicles and other large objects clear of the area.
  • Make sure house and garage doors are locked and sealed.
  • Communicate water access areas to the crew, and let them know if you have any pest issues like wasps in the immediate vicinity.
  • If you won’t be home, provide contact information if you will be present, plan to stay inside or away from the area, and make sure to keep pets indoors.


With over 21 years of serving clients in western North Carolina, we strive to make the process of cleaning up your home and driveways as easy as possible. We specialize in soft washing but can clean any solid surface. 

We are fully insured, and we use biodegradable detergents that will leave your plants and lawn looking like we were never there while your driveway shines like new.

Reach out today to get a quote on cleaning your driveway and sidewalks.