Everything to Know Before you Wash Your Stucco

Everything to Know Before you Wash Your Stucco

Tuesday, 04 October 2022 07:20

Known as a relatively affordable and high-quality wall coating, stucco has become a popular choice for homeowners and businesses alike. When compared to alternatives such as standard siding and brick or stone walls, stucco stands out as a versatile decorative coating that is a good choice for ceilings and walls, both interior and exterior.

However, the textured surface stucco has become known for notoriously accumulating dust, dirt, and debris over time. This means your once beautiful wall coating may quickly become a dirt-streaked and mildew-covered mess. 


Fortunately, there are many solutions to this type of dust and growth when it comes to your stucco. Pressure washing stands as one of the best ways to manage stucco upkeep and avoid wall damage over time. 

In this article, we will discuss some useful guidance on the two main types of stucco and some helpful tips to aid you as you maintain your stucco coating. By removing stains and mildew with (soft) pressurized water, you can have your stucco walls looking good as new. 

What to Know Before you Wash Your Stucco

1. The Two Types of Stucco

Stucco exists in two main forms, traditional stucco and Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS). While these may look similar, they differ greatly and require different types of upkeep. Traditional stucco is a mixture of concrete that is sprayed between wire mesh and more or less insulates the entirety of your home in a layer of hard rock. 

While EIFS is a Styrofoam-based acrylic polymer used for exteriors as it is much softer and lighter than its traditional counterpart. This type of stucco is seen in new constructions and is known for providing insulation. Whether your stucco is traditional or EIFS, it is important to know that agitating the coating with powerful washing could damage the siding.

This means soft washing is the best way to properly clean your stucco. An effective soft washing combines a strong and safe cleaning solution paired with low pressure to safely dislodge dirt and dust without exposing your stucco to aggressive high-pressure washing. 

2. Patch Any Holes

If you are staring down a weathered stucco wall, we advise you to avoid the urge to start wildly spraying down the surface and prepare before getting started. There are a few important steps you should take to prepare space for pressure washing.

You will first want to ensure you have patched any holes or cracks present in the coating prior to beginning. When covering chips and cracks, make sure you provide enough time to allow patches to dry; this process could take over a week, so be patient as your patches settle. 

Ignoring this step could allow water or other liquid to surge and seep through the coating and potentially cause structural damage to your space. 

3. Get Creative with Detergent 

One easy, creative way to clean stucco uses only one household supply and has become a trusted way to remove dirt from stucco. Behold, the power of detergent; this multi use cleaning agent can actually be very helpful as you repair your stucco. 

To take advantage of the detergent's cleaning power, begin by applying detergent from the ground up and making sure to overlap to avoid missing areas so you can easily remove embedded dirt. When using this method, the detergent must remain wet, meaning you will need to be adding fresh detergent water as needed while cleaning.

When the detergent is finished penetrating your stucco, make sure to allow it to settle for at least five to ten minutes to remove debris fully. This method, while less popular, is no less effective, so be sure to consider it!

4. Get Ready to Scrub

The most heavily stained areas of your stucco will require special attention in addition to your soft wash. When attacking these areas, a rotating scrub brush attachment is a great tool to remove stubborn stains properly. 

If the stain is caused by rust, scrubbing alone may not get the job done. Many rust stains must be treated with rust-removal detergent to adequately remove them. No matter the stain, be prepared to put in a little bit of elbow grease as you spruce up your stucco. 

Have Your Stucco Cleaned Professionally by Hydro Clean

When it’s time to clean your stucco, you can decrease stress and have peace of mind by having it washed professionally by Hydro Clean

We love stucco, even though it requires some maintenance, and now you know how to love your stucco back. Before you get to cleaning, remember to patch holes and prepare your stucco. Make sure you have your detergent and rotating scrub brush on hand, and don’t be too scared to put some muscle into it.

Keep in mind that stucco is sensitive, and harsh treatments could cause damage, so always be careful when cleaning. Now, with a firm understanding of the two types of stucco and some of the preparation and treatment processes, you are ready to make your stucco shine again. Reach out to the team at HydroClean Pressure Washing for professionally washed stucco!